List of Utah Caves

Note:  locations will not be given publically to any of these caves.   We hope through the resources of this site as it progresses you will be able to find people who have visited caves on this website to go with you or at the very least give you proper beta to do the cave safely.      If you know of caves not listed please email the blog owner those names and a general area of the state it is in.  The  area will not be published publicacly. 


Antelope Springs Cave (gated)
Baker Creek Cave System
Basket Cave
Big Bend Cave
Big Brush Creek Cave  (Horizontal)  Beginer to advanced skill
Black Creek Pit
Black Water
Bloomington Cave  (Horizontal)  (beginner) 
Blowhole Cave (gated)
BLT Cave
Blue Owl
Bobcat Cave
Bowers Lava Tube
Candlelight Cave  (Gated) 
Canteen Springs Cave
Cave of Appeasement

Chapeta (gated)
Chutes & Ladders Cave
Cobweb Cave
Crevasse Cave
Crystal Cave (gaed)
Crystal Ball Cave (gated)
Dead Mans Cave
Deer Skull Cave
Discovery Cave
Devils Den
Dutchmans Cave
Duck Creek Lava Tube
Eldel Cave
Fenceline Cave

Fillmore Lava Tubes (beginner)
First Wife Cave
Flashlight Pit
Flashmans Cave
Gandy Mountain Cave (gated)
Gollums Cave

Grasshopper Cave
Grand Wash Cave
Green Eyed Monster (gated)
Heavens Gate
Hobo Hideout Cave
Horse Cave
Hourglass Cave
Ice Cave
Indian Burial Cave
Interstate Cave
Jem Hill
Lazy River
Lehman Caves
Little Brush Creek Cave
Little Muddy Cave
Logan Cave (closed)
Lost Pit
Lucifers Lair
Main Drain Cave
Mammoth Cave Lava Tube

Masseys  (beginner)
Model Cave
Monte Carlo Cave
Mortuit Cave
Mouse Trap Cave
M-T Pit
Neffs Cave

Neilsens Well
North Fork Cave
Nutty Putty Cave (closed)
Oak City Cave  (beginner)
October Gyp Cave
Old Mans Cave
Parks Ranch Cave
Piquiquna Cave
Polje Cave

Pole Creek Cave

Polygamy Cave

Polygamies End Cave

Powder Mountain Cave (gated)
Premonition Cave
Rabbit Trap Cave
Rattlesnake Cave
Red Baron Cave  (gated)
Resort Cave
Ringtail Caverns (gated)
Rock Springs Cave
Saffordite Cave
Scottish Trap Cave
Sheep Creek Cave
Silly Putty Cave (closed)
Skin & Bones Cave
Snake Creek Cave
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #1
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #2
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #3
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #4
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #5
Spanish Moss Cave  (Gated)
Squirrel Springs Cave
Stoneplug Cave
Surveyors Cave
Systems Key
Tea Cup
Timpanogos Cave   (National Park  Tour Cave)
Toothbrush Cave
Tri-At Cave
Upper Cave
Wheelers Deep Great Basin
Whipple Cave
Whiterocks Cave (Gated)  (Good beginner cave,  Ashley National Forest gives tours)
Why the Hell Cave

Wiggles Corner-Post Cave
Wolverine Mine Cave




  1. hello, my name is Lewis, my father used to tell a story about the “bear cave” in the foothills above Provo, Utah, he says that it was a small cave that him and my mother crawled into. He also says that later on, someone/a couple? got stuck and died inside the cave. He says that the sherriff/ranger? waved over a cement truck and had the driver fill up the entrance. My father was old, and confused things, I wonder if he was mixing up the Lehi cave? Does anyone know of a small “cave” above Provo, that was called the “bear cave?”


  2. Why would anyone leave such a nice list of caves and not at least give a GPS location so others could enjoy them??

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